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Red Color PVC coated steel wire mesh Dammam Saudi Arabia

It is steel wire mesh with the layer of red color pvc coating.

Galvanized finish (nominal or heavily)

P.V.C Polyvinyl chloride coated finish (extruded type, bonded type, or fusion bonded type); in dark green color (other color on request).

Wire Diameter:

Galvanized : 2.50 MM; 3.00 MM; 3.76 MM; 4.00MM; 4.50 MM (Other sizes on request)

P.V.C Coated : Core wire 2.50/ outside dia 3.55MM

: Core wire 2.30/outside dia 3.20MM

: Core wire 3.55/outside dia 4.75MM

: Core wire 3.76/outside dia 4.88MM

: Other sizes on request

Mesh Sizes : Diamond Shape: 25x25 MM, 50X50 MM,65X65 MM and 75x75 MM

Height : Any height from 500 MM to 4000MM.

Selvage (Top and Bottom): Twisted + Twisted, Twisted + Knuckled or Knuckled +Knuckled

Roll Length : 15,000 MM, 20,000 MM & 25,000 MM. (Each roll has a pre shaped spiral to join other roll)

Standards Specification :

Ø ASTM A-120,A-121,A-123,A-153,A-392,F-552,F-567,F-626,F-668


Ø BS 1722 PART-10 OR Part 1

Ø SSD-1,SSD-2,SSD-3 and SSD-5

Send your inquiries at:

Tqatur Electro-Mechanics

Ph: +966 13 8951313

Mob: +966 552806410

Address: Dammam, Eastern Region, Saudi Arabia

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