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Who we are?
Tqatur Electro-Mechanics is a full practice service electro-mechanical practice company in Alkhobar Saudi Arabia. We are a highly personalized in dealing of industrial products like pipes, Valves & Flanges in material of Stainless steel, Carbon steel & PVC Coated.
The company was formed by Mohammad Al-Shaya, an Engineer and a graduate of the College of Environmental Designs of KFUPM.
Tqatur Electro-Mechanics places a great deal of emphasis on developing a strong rapport with our clients, in order to effectively achieve their goals and interests.

We are also cognizant of budget and time constraints that may be faced in developing a project and therefore, we work directly with the client or his representatives to achieve their project goals and scheduling requirements.

In the midst of our increasingly complex lives, we all yearn for simple reminders of our place in the world. The world becomes increasingly oriented towards technology; we strive to achieve a balance between environment, nature, and technology……Through our products, services and relationships, we will add quality and enjoyment to our clients & our community.
To be a leader in meeting the industry needs of our clients and environment through high quality products & services.
Bringing the world class, cost-efficient industrial products that meet or exceed our customers’ expectations.
Continuously improve the quality of everything we do and be a positive force in the environment. 

•    Listen to our customers and understand their requirements.
•    Encourage creativity and innovation.
•    Have an uncompromising passion for excellence and improvement.
•    Absolute integrity in our internal and external relationships, based on mutual trust and respect.
•    Consider all employees as ambassadors of the office who have a critical role in its operation.

Our philosophy is built on commitment to our clients, staff and environment. We contribute to a better quality of life through the relationships we build, the products we provide and the services we deliver.
Our clients are our most valuable resource and we take great pride in providing them with professional and personalized services.

Core business Products

We are manly supplier of the following products:

  • Stainless steel pipes and fittings

  • Carbon Steel Pipes and fittings

  • Different types of Valves

  • Different Types of Flanges

For further details please check our products page.

Tqature Owner
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